Malala Yousufzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl activist who was shot in the head by the Taliban, has thanked people from around the world who have supported her as she recovers from the traumatic attack. The Taliban attacked her on October 9, 2012 when she was in a van coming home from her school in Swat Valley. Gunmen stopped the van, found Malal, and shot her in the head and neck. This attempted assassination would have surely worked and deteriorated the schoolgirl activism in Pakistan, as the Taliban expected, but, by some miracle, Malala survived. She is now at a hospital in Britain, where she was transferred after the assassination attempt. Examinations revealed that she had suffered no major neurological damage, but she is still a long way from recovery. Her father, Ziauddin Yousufzai, says that she is reading books and walking in the hospital in the city of Birmingham, trying to recover. The Pakistani Taliban have threatened to go after her again, but Malala seems to not be scared. "People have actually supported a cause, not an individual," she said in her thanking message. "Let's work together to educate girls around the world."    
Paige Gallagher
12/6/2012 09:05:35 am

I think that education should be ready adn available for all, and I support Malala whole-heartedly in her message. I am extremely supprised that she survived two gun wounds that would have surely been fatal 10 years ago. Malala is such a brave girl for standing up for what she believes in even though it endangers her. It is outstanding that she is on her way to recovery and already reading books again. I think that the message Malala sends out is a powerful one and becuase of everything she has been through people will hopefully support her.

Nick DiClementi
12/7/2012 10:55:05 am

I applaud Malala for her courage to stand up for what she believes is right. The notion that women shouldn't be entitled to the same levels of education as males is simply preposterous and absurd; however, it is a rather ever occurring theme in the Middle East, particularly in the Taliban controlled areas. It is remarkable that she was able to survive this attempted assassination, and she serves as a role model and inspiration for a multitude of people around the world.

Kate Ramundo
12/9/2012 09:41:54 pm

I agree with Paige, education should not be something that is reserved for the elite or a certain gender. The Taliban are entitled to their beliefs, but they should not enforce their beliefs on others. Going to the extreme of attempting to assassinate a young girl should be considered taking their beliefs too far. Now even though Malala has survived the attack she has to live in fear still because the Taliban have vowed to kill her since she survived.


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