It was just a regular day at Clackamas Town Center, a mall in the Portland, Oregon area. People were just enjoying the day and doing a little Christmas shopping when they notice a man in a hockey mask walking out of Macy’s wielding an assault rifle. Cries of terror and “get down” echo through the mall as the gunman begins to open fire. People sprint to the nearest store to find a safety point behind a store counter or rack of clothing, but the maniac walks casually from store to store; firing some of the 16 shots he fired. Nicole Sutton, a worker in the mall, said she heard gunshots echoing and saw people rush into the store she works in. "It was the scariest thing I've ever experienced," she told KOIN. People in distant parts of the mall like Sears, however, were lucky, and got live feed via a TV in the store and sought help from police. But the police did not get there in time to save the 3 killed by the end of the incident, including, oddly, the shooter (police are further investigating). Shootings are becoming more and more widespread and common in the US lately; take for example, the shooting at The Dark Knight Rises Midnight Premiere in Aurora, Colorado, or the shooting at the Empire State Building this summer. Maybe it is time to really take a look at gun laws, because the violence and lack of gun control are starting to get out of hand.

Catherine Soltesz
12/14/2012 07:56:51 am

This is very sad. I cannot imagine how people are this crazy. But, guns don't kill people, people kill people. Anytime an incident like this happens people automatically say gun laws are to blame. If a "good guy" had a concealed weapon he not only could have defended himself, but he could have protected other people and saved their lives as well. No matter how strict the gun laws are, crazy people are still going to do crazy things.

Cazwell Bennett
12/14/2012 11:09:50 am

It is true that we are seeing a proliferation of needless shootings, and this one just adds to the number. These tragedies could be happening for a variety of reasons; it is impossible to know the motivations behind each killer. However, I believe the state of the economy and the fact that many people are on too many prescription drugs for a variety of disorders may have something to do with it. For example, the Aurora shooter was clearly an intelligent college student. He was just in a mentally unstable point in his life, and needed help badly. If gun screenings were tighter, it's possible some of these deaths could be avoided. Sometimes a perfectly normal person can act without inhibition if they are affected by a foreign substance. Especially with younger people, any stricter gun law could keep a maturing man or woman from ruining their life and ending another.

caz bennett
12/15/2012 01:29:59 am

The horrendous shooting just the other day in Newtown, Conneticut should be a strong influence on this topic. Something has to be done to stop innocent people (especially children) from being murdered.

Kater Ramundo
1/13/2013 11:51:37 pm

I think we need a new way to spearhead the efforts to prevent these shootings in America. The fact is we have begun to be desensitized to violence. We watch so many movies and play so many video games that are about killing that it has become less and less gruesome. Under normal conditions a person would not try to make a video game reality, but normal conditions are not always the case. When a person becomes mentally unstable they think about videos games and those games become their reality. I think this has become a trend with the younger generations. If we want to stop this violence, its going to take more than just new legislation and greater restrictions.


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