The shootings that occurred friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School have people asking the question how it will affect opinion on gun control. In the 1990's people felt the need to have gun control laws, but today, the view has changed. In recent polls conducted after a number of shootings including the Colorado movie theater shooting, the majority still feel like little to no gun control laws need to be implemented. Statistics have shown that after most shootings, people tend to be unfazed in their opinion on gun control. However, in a poll conducted right after the shootings, public opinion has changed. Even though before this event, the numbers were roughly 50/50 for those who opposed and supported gun control laws. According to this survey 44% of people believe in strict gun control laws while only 32% are opposed. Also after the shooting, only 24% of people believe the shooting had more to do with other problems in American society like mental illness, while the majority feel it was an isolated case of an unstab  

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