Last week, more tragic shootings and gun violence happened in America. The first one happened in Alabama, when an armed man named Jimmy Lee Dykes boarded a school bus dropping kids off after school, and demanded two students. The bus driver, named Charles Albert Poland, refused and tried to defend the students, but got shot four times by Dykes and was killed. Dykes is in police custody and is being interrogated about children he is believed to have abducted and be currently holding as hostages. On the same day in Chicago, Hadiya Pendleton, a girl who had just recently performed at Obama's inauguration, was shot down by a gangbanger. Another recent one that stirred much uproar on Social Networks particularly was that an innocent Latino man was shot and killed in Georgia. The victim named Rodrigo Diaz accidentally pulled into a Georgia man named Phillip Sailors' driveway, mistaking it for his nearby friend's house. However,  the paranoid Georgia man stereotyped Diaz and thought he was a Latino coming to rob him, so he took out his legally obtained gun and heartlessly shot and killed Diaz. Those are just the gun-related events happening in a normal week in America nowadays.
The Newtown massacre was supposed to change America and the way we deal with guns, but these events are proof that little change is actually happening. A Pew Research Center poll found that 85% of Americans are for universal background checks back to limit the ability of convicted felons and the mentally ill to get a gun, yet we still wait and wait while more innocent people are killed while we make up our minds.
2/11/2013 12:04:51 am

Jimmy Lee Dykes could have killed the bus driver just as easily with a knife. I would like to know how he obtained the firearm, as people like him are the poster image for gun control. And In the case of the gang banger, which is truly a shame and is very saddening, the reality is that convicted criminals don't get their hands on firearms through gun stores that use background checks, they use the black market. I am for the background checks, but that is the one reality that is unavoidable. And with the Georgia incident, that just happens sometimes. It's the south, and the man felt that Diaz could be a threat to the safety of himself and his home. I wouldn't write the Diaz incident up as an issue for gun control, but rather as social prejudice and not thinking before shooting. The first two incidents are disturbing, and while the third is sad, that's one of those things that just happens so quickly that its hard to avoid.

Caswell Bennett
2/15/2013 06:14:47 am

Yes, these recent gun-related deaths are disturbing, but violence in America is much more deeply-rooted. Hopefully new legislation regarding background checks will help to prevent another Sandy Hook, but we can't expect this one event to stop every incident of deadly violence in the USA unless our culture changes drastically. I believe that the sensationalist media in this country has created a culture where violence has begun to thrive. In our world today, true social connections between people is slowly disappearing, and sometimes tragedy is the only thing that can break through our technologically-driven lives. Violence in America originates from a place deep in our capitalistic culture, and the only way to cure this disease is to remove all motivation. The day of universal peace may come in many years, and hopefully Sandy Hook will help us move forward, but ultimately the birth of violence comes from the human mind.

Matthew Nickles
3/3/2013 11:55:00 pm

This is a classic example of the media capitalizing on a subject in the wake of a horrific event. With the controversial subject of gun control, different media sources are starting to report on many different stories related to gun violence. There is gun violence every day and their has been for many years in America. The fact that the media chooses to report on it now just acts as a scapegoat for gun control enthusiast's arguments. I think the media is biased in this sense because there are also many other cases where violent crimes are stopped by citizens with carry permits and the media should choose to have an equal balance of the stories it decides to report on. In fact, a few days after the Aurora movie theater shooting, a man in San Antonio attempted to fire into a crowd but was stopped by an off-duty police officer who happened to have his gun with him.


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