On Sunday suicide bombers attacked the U.S. base in Afghanistan.  The taliban launced this assualt at 6 a.m.  There were two bombers that had blown themselves up in cars and seven others who were killed during gunfire.  Along with those casualties Afghan lost three soldiers and two civilians in the gunfire.  At the end of 2014 NATO will be pulling out all of its forces and becuase of this the United States and Afghanistan are preparing to have all the security of NATO handed over the the Afghans.  The president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai claims that the security forces so far have done very well.  However there are many people who do not think that Afghan forces will be enough to defend themselves against the Taliban if they attempt to sieze power.  Also many people feel that with the withdrawal of NATO troops a civil war could be approaching.  In a text message a Taliban spokes-person said that "This morning at 6 a.m. a number of our devotees attacked the major U.S. Base in Jalalabad city and so far have brought heavy casualties to the enemy."

Caz Bennett
12/7/2012 01:07:35 pm

This is yet another story of sad violence in Afghanistan. The American loss of life in Afghanistan has become so great that I feel there is no other option but to pull out. The Taliban in Afghanistan will be even harder to root out than the insurgents in Iraq. Even though the Taliban is a dangerous group, they are too widespread and varied to be easily deposed. They have a powerful political machine as well as terrorists. As long as there is political unrest in Pakistan and Afghanistan, there will be the Taliban. Supplying the Afghan troops with the firepower necessary to put down a rebel uprising is the best option at this point. The Taliban is such an invisible enemy that sending U.S. troops into Afghanistan to destroy them is just asking for greater a greater loss of life. How many more years of violence in Afghanistan will it take before we realize it's a hopeless war.

Raj Bhagowalia
12/9/2012 11:22:24 pm

I agree with Caswell; the continued loss of American life in Afghanistan is becoming alarming, and pulling out seems to be the best option. The Taliban's strength and its blending into life there make them hard to eradicate, so sending troops to try and stop them is almost pointless, in my opinion.

Andy Muehr
12/9/2012 11:29:37 pm

What I think needs to be done is what we did in the beginning of the war where we used Special Forces attached to the Afghan rebel groups and had greater flexibility with rules of engagement. When we did that, we had captured most of Afghanistan in roughly two months and only one operator was killed and we had massive popularity with the people. Read Horse Soldiers by Doug Stanton to see what I'm talking about. We're just not fighting this war the right way anymore, and that's why we're losing lives. The same thing happened in Iraq, where the people that we needed on our side turned against us. If we keep going down the path that we're going on, it is a hopeless struggle and we should pull out.


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