Gun-rights advocates in Senate absent from Sunday shows

After the shooting in Conneticutt on Friday there were no Senators who supported gun rights who would appear on any shows Sunday.  Many network news shows reached out to these Senators yet there were no takers.  An executive producer for one of NBC's shows tweeted that they had reached out to all 31 pro gun rights Senators yet no one wanted to appear on the show.  On CBS they tried to get a Republican on the Judiciary Committee to appear yet everyone was either unavailable or said no.  One Senator, a Republican from Texas, cancelled his appearance on "Face the Nation" due to a sudden case of Laryngitis.  Each one of these shows or stations was completely dominated by Democrats or Senators in favor of gun control laws.  Senator Diane Feinstein said that at the next Congress she will introduce an assualt weapons ban.  Each person appearing on one of the shows were similar in that everyone on them advocated for gun control laws.
Matt Nickles
12/17/2012 11:45:37

The shift in public opinion in the wake of such a horrible tragedy has triggered a majority for a favor of strict gun control laws. However, holding shows about this topic to me is sort of like a biased action. It is obvious why no senators appeared on the show. They would sound extremely insensitive rallying for gun rights only two days after this shooting. I also feel like it was immature for the Senators who did show up imply highly that the opinions for those Senators who believe in gun control rights changed their opinion due to this tragedy.

Kate Ramundo
1/15/2013 23:28:57

Matt I agree. The insensitivity of some people is immature. However I believe that gun rights are important to the American people. But with the abusing of these rights something needs to be done.


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