Today, Monday December 3rd, Russia and China both urged North Korea not to go ahead with their second planned rocket launch of 2012. Russia is opposed to its launch due to the fact that they believe it would violate restrictions imposed by the U.N. Security Council.  North Korea's state news agency on Saturday announced that they would launch another space satellite sometime between December 10 and December 22.  North Korea, who previously launched a failed rocket attempt this past April, said that this rocket would travel in a very similar path. Due to the earlier missile and other nuclear-related tests they have conducted in the past, the U.N. has imposed legislature banning North Korea from attempting any more rocket launches. Many people believe that North Korea is testing their long range missile technology in an attempt at developing an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. Although Russia vehemently opposed North Korea''s planned rocket launch, China, on the other hand, was not so direct in its criticism; instead, China simply urged "all sides" not to do anything that could "worsen the problems." Many other countries have been trying to stop North Korea's arms program because they believe they are testing their technology to potentially build a missile capable of launching a nuclear warhead to the United States; however, there are many people who say that North Korea is nowhere near the technology needed to produce weapons that are capable of an attack on the United States or other countries.

I personally think that these test launches by North Korea are getting old.  I think that they need to listen to Russia, and the rest of the world, and call off the launch, but as history shows, they just have to show their militaristic fortitude.   It doesn't surprise me in the least that North Korea is planning another test launch, especially after the debacle of the first one.  It also scares me because they really aren't very stable in the sense that they don't listen to other countries very often.  Politically, the rest of the world should deliver an ultimatum, if they already haven't, and be truly prepared to act upon it to hold North Korea accountable.  As far as their intent on testing the long range missile technology to figure out if they can deliver a nuclear warhead goes, I think it has been pretty clear for several years what they intend to do, and it shouldn't matter how far along they are in development.  They get closer and closer each time someone says that they don't have the technology to produce weapons.  If China can build a functioning stealth fighter plane, then odds are that North Korea can eventually figure out how to build a missile.  
I like Russia's reaction.  They are stern and open about their thoughts on the situation. Also, China's reaction doesn't surprise me much.  They usually take a passive, sometimes neutral, approach when it comes to issues like this.  Overall, I agree with Russia's stance and the way that they are hard on their opinion, and that North Korea should not be allowed to launch.
whole class test comment
12/5/2012 09:40:20 pm

It is a good idea Russia is putting pressure on North Korea.

Caz Bennett
12/7/2012 12:53:38 pm

It's funny how the only news we ever hear about North Korea is related to nuclear missiles. I agree with you in that we are growing tired of hearing about North Korean missile tests. Clearly, even if they do have fissile materials, they don't have the technology to guide a nuclear warhead. The U.N. can place as many restrictions on North Korea as they want, but I don't think it will do any good. North Korea is an isolationist communist nation, and they have little to zero diplomacy. Before anything forceful can be done with North Korea, we need to truly reach their government. We have to change the relationship between America and North Korea if we want this situation to improve. Placing restrictions on North Korea is only distancing them from us. China probably doesn't want to say anything blatant because they are worried a stray missile might just fall on them. As of right now, North Korea is reckless but harmless. However, that could change is relations stay as closed as they are.


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