The Justices of the Supreme court held a closed-door conference Friday to consider changes in the issue of same-sex marriage. There are three issues that the Justices were considering, although, they did not report on anything after the conference. This may either be because they need more time to consider the legal questions. Some of which include federal tax, Social Security, pension, and bankruptcy benifits which do not apply to same-sex couples. The decision to review these three cases are highly anticipated by same-sex marriage activist groups. Another theory why they did not report on their decision is simply because they are delaying their decision. Another conference will be held on December 7th. 
Katie Hill
12/6/2012 02:56:46 am

I really hope that the Justice of the Supreme court follows through and makes a change to the issue of same-sex marriage. I don't think that some people should be denyed marriage to their loved one based on something that they were born with. I feel that the they are going to delay their decision for as long as possible because it is such a contraversial topic. For an issue like this, not everyone is going to be happy with the outcome so they should release their decision and not put it off any longer.

Caz Bennett
12/7/2012 12:38:44 pm

This is a very interesting situation. I am looking forward to seeing a definitive decision from the Supreme Court because this is an issue that never seems to disappear. I think the main reason why this remains a foggy dispute is because it divides the nation so severely. This has become a partisan issue, and people are taking strong political stances on either side. When a decision is finally made, it will have a great impact. America, a country founded on the principle of freedom, has to decide whether freedom trumps the sanctity of marriage. I doubt any American would truly want to be on the Supreme Court bench making this ruling.


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