Christopher Dorner, a former Los-Angeles police officer is accused of three murders and is currently in hiding. Christopher Dorner posted an 11,000 word facebook rant about the apparent corruption in the police department and other agencies. He believed he was cheated out of the police force. an investigation is also ongoing about the details of Dorner's discharge from the police force. For the time being, Dorner has declared "unconventional and asymmetrical warfare." He has sworn revenge on his old colleagues who are now being placed under protection. A massive manhunt for Dorner failed when they found his torched truck. The LAPD has had controversial incidents as a result in this manhunt, accidentally shooting at civilians suspected to be Dorner. LAPD shot at two different trucks that was thought to be Dorner's, injuring a 71 year old woman and her daughter and another man in the other truck. Due to the incidents and the failed manhunt, authorities in California has offered a one-million dollar reward bounty for Christopher Dorner, thought to be one of the largest in California state history. Antonio Villaraigosa, Mayor of Los-Angeles, has warned the public that he should not be engaged because he is most likely armed and extremely dangerous.  
2/14/2013 02:08:11 am

That's a pretty large reward considering that the FBI's most wanted terrorists are up for $5 million.

Caswell Bennett
2/15/2013 07:12:48 am

This reminds me of something straight out of one of the countless movies of rogue cops on the run (Shooter). According to the movies, Dorner will be hard to catch because he knows the way in which the law enforcement operates. It doesn't seem like a logical decision to offer a huge reward; citizens could be put in the line of fire. The mayor is smart in dissuading the public from aggressively engaging Dorner. Hey, this could be a relevant story in the current right to bear arms political issue. Is it a good idea for Californians to bear their arms and take Dorner down, or would it lead to more deaths?


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