This past weekend, Northern Ireland was struck with protests. At least 52 police officers were hurt. The reason for these protests was because of the pro-British supporters. These protests took place in Belfast and have been happening there for about a month. Atleast 70 people have already been arrested because of violence. The reason for these protests is because on December 3 it was decided that they would stop flying the British flag at Belfast City Hall. The pro-British groups felt as if it was a concession to the Republicans because they want Northern Ireland to be a part of Ireland. This is not the first time in the past year that there have been violent riots and protests in Northern Ireland. Just in September there were violent fights between the Catholic and Protestant communities. Even these riots left numerous officers hurt. Hopefully in the near future Northern Ireland will be able to become closer to a stable and peaceful country, but as of right now there is much political unrest. 


This article is correct, but this has been going on since the eighties, maybe even longer, and if i remember correctly, there was a small scale civil war. Do they know if the IRA was involved? They were the main faction for the Irish rebels that wanted an independent Ireland, similar to the PLO with Palestine.


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