After looking through news websites for 15 minutes, it was hard to not pick an article having to do with the recent shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. One of the most interesting articles I found was about a comment that was said to be made by Morgan Freeman. The truth is that Freeman did not make the statement or have any knowledge of it. The statement that was written was an anti-media statement, blaming them for the shooting. I find it odd that this was attributed to Morgan Freeman, for false information is usually negative instead of positive. Somewhere along the way, it was said that Freeman made this statement, showing that news sources are not always reliable. 
I personally believe that this statement is somewhat true. American media makes a huge deal about the negative things that happen in the world. Of course the shooting is a tragedy, but Adam Lanza will forever be someone who's name will be remembered. Pictures of the Virginia Tech shooter or the videos of 9/11 attacks are something that almost any American citizen can recognize, while many people would not be able to recognize the picture of someone who has saved many lives. I know that there must be some attention towards the recent tragedy, but people who commit these awful crimes are getting what they want. They are getting attention from the whole world. The shooting has once again brought more attention towards gun safety and regulation. Many actors and celebrities are stating their beliefs, especially direction Michael Moore who wrote Bowling for Columbine. This movie was one that talked greatly about the effects of the media on killers such as Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, and now Adam Lanza. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/morgan-freeman-didn-write-anti-media-diatribe-article-1.1221958

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