While we would usually think that cops were people who we could go to if we knew of a dangerous person on the lose, this past week it has actually been an ex cop who is putting people in danger. Christopher Dorner, an ex cop from Lost Angeles, California, was fired in 2009 for making some false accusations. Over the past few weeks he has plotted murders on some his his fellow police mates and there family. As of today, Dorner has already killed three people, one of them being to cop. There has been a 1 million dollar reward placed for anybody who is able to find Dorner, although nobody has had any luck yet. The current LAPD has made the search of Dorner a huge priority for everybody they could think of. Over 50 families have been placed under foverment protection because of what is happening. Most of these families are families with a cop in them. People are calling these shootings an act of domestic terrorism.

2/11/2013 00:10:59

This dude is nuts. Completely insane. This is reminiscent of the beltway snipers, and I hope that he is found and brought justice.

2/14/2013 07:56:13

This is very frightening. It is always a scary thing when someone who has had military/police training suddenly turns rogue. Because he is trained, he has the potential to kill many more people than an average, amature psycho. I hope and pray they find him before he hurts anybody else.

Catherine Soltesz
2/14/2013 10:00:41

I agree with Nick that it is scary that a man that has had police training turned out to be so crazy. I was shocked when I heard this story because you rarely hear about a police officer turning bad. It is so sad to think that he took the lives of innocent people.

Raj Bhagowalia
2/15/2013 03:23:09

This is crazy because we're supposed to be able to trust police officers, not be scared that they're going to kill innocent people. I hope he is caught soon and punished appropriately.

Kate Ramundo
2/19/2013 01:52:17

This definitely makes you worry. If our government put a gun in the hands of a man who was considered a "good guy" then goes and kills innocent people, how are we supposed to believe they are going to be able to keep the guns out of the wrong people's hands.


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