On December 2, 2012, this article was posted by David E. Sanger and Eric Schmitt on nytimes.com. Recently, the United States have gotten news that the Syrian military is moving around chemical weapons. This lead the United States and many of our allies to warn President Bashar al-Assad that he would be ‘held accountable’ for any actions involving the chemical weapons he takes against the rebels who are fighting his government.

The United States isn’t only concerned about the Syrian military using chemical weapons against the rebels, but also the United States safety because the Syrian forces are not being clear about their intentions. One American official said “the activity we are seeing suggests some potential chemical weapon preparation” which is more than just moving stockpiles around.

‘A series of emergency communications among the Western allies’ occurred over the weekend and President Obama has been very careful about how to handle the Syria situation. “We consistently monitor developments related to Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons, and are in regular contact with international partners who share our concern,” an officer said over the weekend.  But Representative Mike Roger, a Michigan Republican, feels that we need to take greater actions to prevent anything drastic from happening, not wait to see what step the Syrians will take next. He released a statement saying: “We are not doing enough to prepare for the collapse of the Assad regime would be an extremely serious escalation that would demand decisive action from the rest of the world.”

Earlier in the year, there was threatening movement of chemical weapons. Having two consecutive events will most likely cause the United States to take greater actions to protect the United States and their allies. This could just be a bluff from the Syrians, but there is an unusually high amount of movement that ‘we’ve never seen before.’ The United States have ‘increased electronic eavesdropping and other surveillance activities of the chemical sites’ and troops are ready to report to the chemical sites when the Pentagon feels that they are needed.


Alex Rossi
12/14/2012 12:18:13

I think that any chemical weapons are atrocious. They a cruel and unusual form of warfare, and no country has any business deploying weapons designed to injure and kill masses of the general population. If Syria truly plans on using these chemical weapons, I hope the UN and its members take serious action.


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