By Lydia Polgreen
Published: February 20, 2013
New York Times

     Last Thursday, Oscar Pistorius, double amputee who competed in the
2012 Olympic Games in London, shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in the early
morning because he had mistaken her for a burglar. On Wednesday, February 20,
2013, the simple bail hearing turned into a full-blown trail when the main
judge, Desmond Nair, questioned the prosecution’s main witness, Detective Hilton Botha, whose previous testimony did not fully match up to what he told on
Wednesday. Apparently, Pistorius thought a burglar was hiding in the bathroom,
so he got out of bed without his prosthetic legs on and shot at the bathroom
door. Detective Botha said that he actually was wearing his prosthetic legs when
he shot at the bathroom. 

     During the trail, Detective Botha admitted that there was sloppy
police work like the fact that they missed a shell casing found in the toilet
and they entered the crime scene without wearing shoe covers because the police
had ran out of them. Also, Detective Botha claimed that he found two boxes of
testosterone, which are banned substance for most professional athletes and are
known to increase aggression in people who take it, in Pistorius’s bedroom. But
Mr. Roux (Pistorius’s lawyer) said it was not testosterone, but a herbal
supplement. Later, Detective Botha admitted he didn’t read the whole name on the
box and the tests of the drugs have not come back yet. 
     Mr. Roux “accused the prosecution [Detective Botha] of selectively
taking ‘every piece of evidence’ and trying ‘to extract the most possible
negative connotation and present it to the court.’”



Laura Renzi

This seems like a case that will probably be dragged on for sometime.There have already been countless mistakes, skewed stories, and unanswerable questions. It is sad that such an inspirational man may be somebody wrong, but it would also be wrong if he was charged for something which he did not mean to do. Hopefully after time light will be shed on what the true story is.


It is very disturbing and troublesome that such an inspirational figure may have been involved in such a despicable act of violence. I hope that this trial uncovers the truth. In my opinion, Pistorious's story is fishy: he mysteriously believed that his wife was a burglar, and therefore felt the need to shoot and kill her? I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but this seems like a clear-cut case of premeditated murder.


I agree with Laura, and sincerely hope that this was just an accident caused by confusion. As it is, there is too much passion and bias involved with the case and investigation, and it's leading to grievous mistakes. I feel that Botha should be taken off the case and suspended and fined for the mistreatment and tampering of evidence. Hopefully, this will get sorted out.

Catherine Soltesz

I think it is ridiculous that a man would shoot through a door just because he think if may be a burglar. Also, Botha has made careless errors in the investigation. This is obviously sloppy police work. Detectives have had a lot of training and should know better. This case may be lost because of the forensic mistakes.


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