Sunday the NATO- led International Security Force in Afghanistan recieved a new commander. Marine General John Allen was replaced by Marine General Joseph Dunford. As is popular with major leaders today, Allen's last days were ones of ridicule with the allegations of exchanging inappropriate emails with a woman in Florida. Allen had not had an easy time commanding the troops prior to these allegations either. His relationship with the Afghan President Hamid Karzai is described as being prickly. Allen has been overseeing one of the toughest times for U.S.-led NATO troops. Afghan Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammadi believes Allen is responsible for a drop in civilian casualties in Afghanistan and as a result helping to restore the public's trust in the government. Now with all allegations cleared, Allen has been nominated as NATO's supreme allied commander. As for Dunford, he is regaurded as a capable, calm commander with plenty of experience in directing troops in Irap. However, the General has little experience commanding ground troops in Afghanistan, not an uncommon situation. The immediate problems that Dunford will face is the Afghanistan government's criticizm of the NATO troops, ongoing attacks carried out by the Taliban militants, and training the Afghan security forces.  Despite of his lack of experience in Afghanistan, Dunford is very knowledgable about the war in Afghanistan. He has been studying the country and the military opperations since the war officially began in 2001.

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2/14/2013 01:54:02 am

To be able to get to the rank of general in the Marine Corps means that you are very well qualified and have made few mistakes, so I have confidence in General Dunford as the NATO commander in Afghanistan.


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