The Syrian situation is rapidly deteriorating, with large amounts of fighting going on in the eastern half, which is the most populated. Aleppo and Damascus are the two hotspots for the fighting, Aleppo being seen as a rebel stronghold, and Damascus, the capital, as a government stronghold. There has been continual fighting in the towns of Aleppo, Ras al In, and other places. Syrian government forces have been using helicopters and fighter jets, some of which the rebels have shot down. There has also been heavy fighting around the Damascus Airport, which rebels claim is a main port for weapons being transported in from Iran. Two Turkish border towns have been hit by shelling, and the Turkish government has asked for Patriot missiles to defend its borders. Towns caught in the crossfire have been almost completely deserted because of the attacks between the rebels and the government.

I have created a map of the conflict hotspots that will be updated.  

Kate Ramundo

The Turkish request for missiles was granted. Is there been any more development of the Syrian government's decisions to or not to use chemical weaponry?


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