In the aftermath of the Newtown massacre, Democrats in Congress have pushed gun control legislation, while Republicans and guns rights activists have silently held their positions. Guns rights have been a controversial issue for many politicians. Many, like John Yarmuth (moderate Democrat from Kentucky), consider this topic "untouchable." The NRA has been uncharacteristically quiet since the shootings on Friday morning. They have not posted to Twitter since Friday, and they are usually active tweeters. For the mean time, Congress will remain focused on the financial crisis. President Obama said that he plans to take action to rescue shootings but did not give a specific plan. Congressmen are aware of how difficult it will be to challenge public opinion's general support of gun's rights. Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, said that although no policy can make up for the shootings, congress needs to realize that they aren't doing enough to protect its citizens. One possible solutions would be to limit the amount of rounds per clip or to ban assault rifles, which he says no one hunts with. Another senator from Illinois, Richard Durbin, wants to introduce legislation that would ban the sale and possession of large clips of ammunition and strips that hold more than 10 bullets. Michael Bloomberg of NY held a conference calling out the president for doing too little in respect to guns. Policy experts have noted the stronger support of gun control after the shooting. Senator Lieberman from Connecticut considers our violent popular culture an effect of the growing mental health crisis and the "proliferation of combat-style weapons." Lieberman believes that weapons were created by the military for use in war. He also credits the violence prevalent in the video game and entertainment industry as a contributer to our culture of violence.

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Matt Nickles
12/17/2012 11:39:46

I feel that it is insensitive for not only government officials and politicians, but for people in general to jump right into suggestions of gun control laws. It is obvious that this issue has been going on for quite some time and that it is obvious this will spark no opinions and raise discussions, however I feel like there needs to be time in between to make those decisions or even discuss them. I also feel like the suggestions being implemented are being handled the wrong way. The laws they are suggesting are based on aspects of the type of gun itself or how much ammo can be held. In my honest opinion, I feel like gun control will not in any way prevent tragedies like the one on friday from happening.

2/14/2013 01:49:55

I agree with Matt in that gun control is not the issue in shootings like these, but rather security and social upbringing/mental health of these individuals


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