Kathryn Lehman was once an advocate of banning same-sexd marriages. In the 1990’s, she helped write a law that would ban federal recognition of same-sex marriages. Now, Lehman identifies herself as gay. She support a law called “Freedom to Marry,” which would overturn the law that she helped write, called the Defense of Marriage Act. Lehman is a Republican and she intends to break the stereotype that relegates all gays and lesbians as Democrats. Although gay Republicans can be found regularly, Republican lesbians are much more uncommonly known. These members of the Republican party consider themselves Republican for their beliefs in conservatism in government and economic policies. Some gay Republicans fear that they have lost younger generations to the Democratic party because of President Obama’s open embrace of gay marriage. Lehman expresses no remorse for backing the Defense of Marriage Act because she did not consider herself gay during that time period. Many women in the Republican party come out later in life, not because of political ideology, but because of religious, moral, or family values. Some Republican lesbian women even question the validity of same-sex marriages. Republicans have found it increasingly hard to attract younger generations. Overall, gay Republicans face many of the same and additional problems in comparison to straight Republicans.

Laura Renzi
11/27/2012 06:34:35

It is definitely not common to hear about lesbian Republicans. I found it very surprising that this lady was once somebody who was totally opposed to same sex marriage, and even helped outlaw it. I believe that having a known lesbian Republican could be helpful for the Republican Party. It may allow them to draw in supporters who are lesbians, and are now more open to being a Republican because they have somebody to relate to in that party. I also think that this is another example about how people can not necessarily classify themselves at Democrats or Republicans anymore. Why should someone who is against gay marriage also have to be fiscally conservative? Lehman is proof that not all platforms of a party are ideal for all supporters.

Paige Gallagher
12/6/2012 08:35:03

I think that just becuase you are Republican doesnt mean that you have to believe in every single piece of the platform. I think that Kathryn Lehman is a good example of this. I agree with Laura when she says that just becuase she is a lesbian does not also make her fiscally liberal. However, I think that by trying to evoke the law that she helped make is wrong. Now that she is a lesbian she thinks it is unfair that same sex marriage is illegal, yet when she wasnt she wasnt a lesbian it was fair. In my opinion it is wrong to change a law you helped create becuase your personal circumstances changed.

Nick DiClementi
12/7/2012 11:09:34

This is a very interesting article. You brought up some very good points. If you are a Republican, you are typically "supposed" to be against same sex marriage. However, it is clearly becoming apparent that someone who may agree with the fiscal policies of the Republican Party may not necessarily agree with its stance on same sex marriage or any of the other controversial issues. I believe that this article clearly demonstrates the need for the Republican Party to perhaps change some of their stands on important and controversial issues in order to appear more relatable to people. I also agree with what Laura said. Just because somebody may be fiscally conservative, doesn't mean that they necessarily are pro same sex marriage or pro choice. I believe often times people feel it is necessary to completely support/agree with one party, instead of rather picking certain issues they agree with the Republicans on and certain issues they agree with the Democrats on.


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