The FDA announced today (1/10/13) that is it requiring manufacturers to cut dosages of sleeping pills. Drugs like Ambien and Zolpimist have been proven to leave people groggy in the morning after taking them. This requires all drugs with the active ingredient zolpidem to be taken in lower doses. This regulation will reduce grogginess in the morning and reduce the risk for accidents while on the way to work. Women eliminate this drug more slowly than men do, so their dosages will be lowered be half. Men's dosages will not be reduced as much. 10 to 15 % of women have zolpidem in their systems 8 hours after taking this, while men have only about 3 % in their systems. This regulation has come about by recent tests that show that people remain impaired from taking such sleeping pills. Doctors will only prescribe larger doses if the lower doses do not work.
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Catherine Soltesz
1/10/2013 09:43:51 am

I think this is an interesting point. Sleeping pills can leave people feeling groggy the next day. The dosage of sleeping pills people take can have a damaging effect on themselves and society. Limiting the dosage sounds like a good idea and a safer ability to drive the next day.

Nick DiClementi
1/11/2013 07:58:28 am

The effects of sleeping pills often extend past their desired times, particularly in the morning when many people are driving to work or school. I think lowering the doses of these prescription sleeping pills is a great step in the right direction, which I believe will lower car accident rates in the morning. The interesting thing is that many people often think illegal drugs are the only drugs that can effect a driver's performance, when, in reality, prescription pills, particularly sleeping pills, can have the same devastating effects as those of their illegal counterparts. Nice job!


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