Hundreds of same-sex couples descended upon Seattle City Hall on Sunday, December 9 to get married. Washington is now one of nine states that has enacted same-sex marriage laws. Marriage licenses could be picked up as early as 12:01 on Thursday, but due to the three-day waiting period the earliest these couples could be married was Sunday. Although many places began marrying gay and lesbian couples at midnight on Sunday, Seattle City Hall began marrying couples at 10 am. As couples exited city hall they were greeted by many people cheering and congratulating them. Many people were so happy they called this "a great day, a joyous day."
paige gallagher
12/12/2012 06:07:20

I am so glad that same sex marriages are starting to be allowed. I believe that now with nine states allowing people to mary whom they wish, more states will follow. I am a firm believer in marying and being with the person who makes you happy and the person you love.

Katie Hill
12/14/2012 11:53:18

I am also very glad that same sex marriage is starting to become allowed in more states. Although its only 9 states at this point, I think that there will be a very slow growth until hopefully every single state allows same sex marriage. I believe that since we live in a free nation, we should have the freedom to marry whomever we want without a law stopping us. Since this is such a controversial topic, I'm sure that Washington will receive some angry responses, but I think that it is completely worth it since we are now one state closer to same sex marriage allowed across the nation.

Alex Rossi
12/14/2012 12:12:43

I think that eventually more and more states will start to allow same sex marriage. We should also pay attention to the Supreme Court Case about the Defense of Marriage Act, which puts a federal ban on same sex marriage.

Matt Nickles
12/17/2012 11:32:50

I am happy same-sex couples are being aloud to marry. I feel like more and more states with laws preventing gay marriage will be changed sooner than later. I also believe the Supreme Court cannot avoid the trends of this change going on in many states. I believe personally that they will make gay marriage everywhere legal instead of just leaving it to states. They still need to find a way to amend the Defense of Marriage Act that is biased on financial benefits for straight married couples which Obama is already completely opposed to.


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