Christopher Dorner was a member of the Los Angeles Police Department who was fired because of a dispute with his supervisor. He said that he was unjustly discriminated against and vowed vengeance against the police department and their families. He first killed the daughter of a member of the police department as an act of revenge. He then killed a police officer when they tried to stop him. There has been an active manhunt searching for Dorner for about a week. His burned out vehicle was found near the base of Big Bear Mountain in California. Dorner then went up the mountain and took two women hostage and stole a car. The women escaped safely and alerted the police. When police tried to stop the vehicle, Dorner shot two officers, killing one. On Tuesday, February 12 Dorner barricaded himself in another cabin. Police heard a gunshot in the cabin, then the cabin started burning and is continuing to burn as of Tuesday evening. Although there is no confirmed capture or death of Dorner, it is believed that he may have taken his own life and did not leave the burning cabin. Another theory is that he may have escaped while the cabin was burning. The result of the investigation will be known in the next few hours.


2/14/2013 02:02:50 am

Hopefully he did us all a favor and ousted himself, but I'm not so sure that he did. Unless it can be proven that he is dead, then we should still be looking for him.

Raj Bhagowalia
2/15/2013 03:27:50 am

I agree with Andy; until it is certain that he is dead or captured, we should continue searching for him before anyone else is killed.

Katie Hill
2/18/2013 02:29:20 am

It's clear that Dorner has many mental issues that would lead him to seek such revenge. I wonder if there were any signs while he was still working that indicated that he was so unstable and crazy? If there were, I hope that we could learn to look for those sort of behavioral signs that could help us stop people like Dorner in the future.


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