Last Thursday President Obama spoke to House Democrats about a long-term deal that would end this recent "governance by crisis." Obama wants to reach a deal that would provide a permanent solution to the national debt and financial crisis, rather than addressing these crises as they pop up. One of the President's major goals was to urge Congress to put off the spending cuts that were going to be put in place next month. Obama also stated that the solution to the debt cannot be levied on the seniors or students. He said, "It should not just be on the backs of parents who are trying to give their kids a better start in life." Obama also spoke with Democratic senators about his plan for his second term. In his plan, Obama has placed priority on immigration reform and gun control. Obama also wants to create an energy agenda will make America less dependent on foreign oil. 

In the near future are many legislative decisions that will include negotiating between the White House and the Republican House of Representatives. Many issues, like gun control and immigration, will bring out clashes between the parties. Obama conceded to his fellow Democrats that there would be times in the future "where you guys are mad at me." However, Obama is optimistic about the future and the possibilities of bipartisan progress. He told the Congressmen that as long as they remember why they came to Washington in the first place, that he believes positive work can continue to be done.

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