This past Friday, just hours before the Sandy Hook shooting in Conneticut, a young man walked into an elementary school and attacked over 22 children. The difference between this attack and the Sandy Hook massacre was that this one took place in China, and the attacker was using a knife, not a gun. Although several of the young children had to receive immediate medical attention, all 22 survived the attack. One can't help but notice the gap between gun laws in the U.S. and China. The U.S., which has the highest rate of gun ownership in the world, suffered 9,000 gun-related deaths last year. Countries with stricter gun laws, like Canada, don't have nearly as many (150 in Canada last year). 
The remarkable similarity between the attack in China and Conneticut makes the difference in death toll more blatant. As Dr. Ding Xueliang, a Harvard-educated sociologist, says, " The huge difference between this case and the U.S. is not the suspect, nor the situation, but the simple fact he did not have an effective weapon." Although both attacks were horrific, its is obvious to most that a knife is just not as deadly as a gun. 
There are 88.8 guns per 100 people in America. Nancy Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter's mother, was just another American who owned several firearms (including an automatic rifle that was used by Adam Lanza). Although opponents to gun laws will state that guns save more lives than they take, the Lanza household made it simple for a young man to kill innocent children, as well as his own mother. In China, and many other countries, these acts against innocent civilians do happen, but not with the loss of life like we've seen in the U.S. This particular incident in China shows how these harrowing attacks in America could have been far less costly if guns were not involved.
Gabriella Pittaluga
1/10/2013 02:13:51 am

I think that the disproportionate amount of attention that the Connecticut shooting got in comparison to the Chinese stabbing is ridiculous. The bottom line is that weapons are weapons. Guns are technologies made for the express purpose of taking lives...guns expedite the process. I think that it would be stating the obvious to say that new legislation is in the making. And thank God!

Raj Bhagowalia
1/16/2013 11:18:43 pm

It is crazy how much of a difference a gun makes. The Sandy Hook shooting and this incident in China were almost literally the same crime; the only difference was that the American had a gun and therefore killed people when the Chinese man did not. Guns are literally made to kill people quickly and efficiently, and the fact that any average American can have one is the biggest problem in America. This story is proof.

Jay Burgin
1/21/2013 08:20:32 am

Assault rifles should be taken off the market, but leave the rest of the guns out there. Take guns completely off the market and bad things will happen. Arms companies will lay off workers, exactly what Obama does not want to happen right now. People will buy all types of guns rapidly before they go off the market.
The Aurora shooter, James Holmes, had many theaters around his home that he could have shot up, but he chose one because it banned people with concealed carry permits. A Georgia mother recently shot a man over five times when he tried to kill her and her kids with a crowbar. Some shootings don't even reach the news because someone had a gun in their car and killed the shooter in the first place.
Finally, gangs don't care what types of weapons they use. If guns are gone, they'll go for knives or even explosive devices that are a lot more deadly.
Take assault rifles off the market, but leave everything else out there. You never know when you might need a weapon.


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