The Oklahoma police arrested 18 year old Sammie Chavez, a student at Bartlesville High School in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.  Chavez was allegedly telling classmates about a plan to get other students into the auditorium where he could lock them in and shoot them.  He also told his classmates about placing bombs in the school too.  Chavez's arrest was on the same day of the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school shootings.  The police obtained the arrest warrant when a student reported what Chavez had said to a school administrator who contacted police.  Police also looked over his computer search history and found that he had been researching guns, bombs, and information on the Columbine massacre.  Chavez's trial is set for January 11th, and his bail is set at $1 Million.,0,1303832.story

Side Comment:  This trend of shootings is alarming.  Just go to the main sites for many newspapers and there will be multiple articles on how there was a shooting threat averted, or another school/theater/mall shooting that day.  I feel that there should be armed plainclothes officers at all public schools, not just high schools, and that schools should be preparing, i.e. doing drills, to train the students and administrators on what to do in situations like these so that the death tolls aren't so high.  Currently, there are code blue drills, which are only so effective when a gunman actually does break into a school.  The amount of shootings is out of hand, and measures need to be taken in preventing these shootings from happening, and having meas
Laura Renzi
12/26/2012 09:31:45 am

It's ridiculous how many incidents of shootings have occurred in the past week or so. Ever since the Newtown shooting, it seems as if there has been even more murders. I don't know if it is just more publicized because of the Newtown shooting, or if there are more people who have been going on shooting sprees. It's good that they found this guys plan before he was able to do what he intended to do.

Katie Hill
1/12/2013 07:04:11 am

I agree with Andrew and Laura that these shootings are occurring more and more often and drastic measures must be taken. It's hard to understand the thought process behind these shooters but its good to know that Chavezs classmates spoke up to the authorities. This makes me wonder what has changed in just the past 5 years or so that has caused this huge increase in shooting and does the media need to be restricted on the information that they release to try and prevent copy cat shootings?


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