Recently, Iran has claimed to have decoded video footage from a US spy drone that they downed in December 2011. About a month after the drone was initially taken down, President Obama asked the Iranian government to return the drone. They flatly refused. 

Iran recently released black and white aerial footage narrated by Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh. The narrator claims that the drone was responsible for operations in Iran and Pakistan and that it "guided many of the clashes" in those places. 

This information comes at a time when when the US drone program is being debated in Congress. New policies may even be put into place that allow the government to target American citizens overseas
2/14/2013 02:00:37 am

I think that we need to be tougher on the Iranians. When they refuse to return our drones, I feel that we should just go and simply blow said drone to pieces. It might tick some people off but when it's the security of our programs, technology, or ourselves at stake, then we need to act instead of potentially showing the Iranians weakness and further emboldening them.

Gabriella Pittaluga
2/21/2013 10:12:03 am

This is definitely one of those tricky situations in which diplomacy plays a huge role in what will happen next. The tension is obvious. Our economic interests (petroleum) lie in great quantity in Iran. They detest Western civilization. We have, do, and will butt heads. Obama in the past has been a great diplomat. I think we need to try as best we can to not ignite further conflict with foreign nations when we have so much to solve within our own borders.

Kate Ramundo
3/11/2013 12:39:52 am

I second this. The way to work out this problem is through diplomacy. Just going and blowing up the problem will only make tensions more intensified and could easily cause more problems for us down the line.

Catherine Soltesz
2/25/2013 08:58:45 am

Iran has posed a threat to the region for many many years. They are the cause of the unrest and tension in the Middle East. They may be trying to use this as another explosive situation to cause more anti-American feelings in the region.


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